Babywearing | Choose the Right Wrap or Carrier for Your Lifestyle & Preferences

Everyone has different priorities when it comes to their parenting and lifestyle, and that’s why it’s important to consider what matters most to you when choosing a wrap, baby carrier, or ring sling.

We advise that, ahead of browsing our extensive selection of babywearing products, you decide on your top needs and preferences so that you can keep an eye out for them when considering all the options available. 

Mother bonds with baby - baby carrier, babywearing, baby wrap, needs and preferences to consider: comfortable, customisable, ease of use, organic, eco-friendly, support - Belly Beyond New Zealand

In this article, we look at the range of babywearing products we sell at Belly Beyond and make comparisons based on the following categories:

Lifestyle & Intended Use

Support, Comfort & Climate

Customisation, Fit & Longevity

Easy Practical Use & Care

Whether for you it's all about your lifestyle, comfort features, customisation, or ease of use, there may be something in our list of key factors that you have not considered yet, which you realise will be important to you.

To help you shop according to your needs and preferences, we have put together specially curated collections for each aspect, so you can browse what’s most relevant to you.

Lifestyle & Intended Use

All the babywearing products at Belly Beyond are great for something – it’s just a matter of matching your intended purpose to the right product.

You may like to think about the kind of lifestyle you live, or plan to live, as a new parent (or parent of multiple children). Here are three classic lifestyles we've coined for you to consider – which sounds the most like you?

'The Adventurer' 

The Go-go-go lifestyle suits an active carrier with great support - Belly Beyond

+> The Active & Airy CARRIER collection:
Breathable mesh fabrics and strong ergonomic support.

For families who…

  • pursue active lives – babywearing while on outdoor adventures, longer strolls or shopping trips, or while doing active domestic tasks
  • need a breathable, airy option for a warmer climate or to minimise sweating
  • want strong ergonomic support for comfortable extended use
  • want a carrier option with a unisex design

High end: Ergobaby Omni BreezeLÍLLÉbaby Serenity (Airflow & All Seasons)BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One Air 
Popular: Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air MeshLÍLLÉbaby Complete All SeasonsLILLEbaby Pursuit 
Lower price point: LÍLLÉbaby Complete Airflow

+>  The Supportive & Warm CARRIER collection: Strong ergonomic support but for a cooler climate.

For families who…

  • don't need the special feature of an airy mesh design or the flexibility of an All Seasons carrier, but are happier with a regular cotton material.
  • want strong ergonomic support for comfortable extended use
  • want a carrier option with a unisex design

High end: BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One 
Popular: Ergobaby Omni 360 
Lower price point: LÍLLÉbaby Complete Original

‘Yoga Pants & Starbucks’

+>  The Sleek & Airy WRAP collection: 
Sleek and stylish babywearing options that support a moderately active, out-and-about lifestyle.

+>  The Easy & Stylish HYBRID collection: Babywearing made quick and easy, with designs that look and feel great.

For families who…

  • prefer the lighter feel of a wrap or a hybrid over the robustness of a carrier
  • want the ease of use and secure feeling a carrier offers (hybrids achieve this)
  • live moderately active lives – babywearing while on relaxed nature walks, strolls to local playground, café catch ups, and shopping

'The Cosy Nester’

+>  The Cotton WRAP collection: Soft and simple baby wraps at the most affordable prices.

To shop collections for other cosy products, click the links below:

Cotton Ring SlingsCotton Hybrid Carriers, 3D Jersey Baby Carriers 

For families who…

  • prefer the organic shape and feel of a wrap or ring sling and/or want a soft and simple infant carrier
  • are ‘nesting’ indoors a lot in the newborn and infant stage and want something with a more cosy feel
  • are lightly active or prefer to use a stroller for activities like extended walks


Support, Comfort & Climate

For some people – okay, most people – comfort is key! Comfortable babywearing is all about loving the feel of the product, having good support for you and baby to enjoy sustained wear, and choosing a climate-appropriate or seasonally adaptive option so you can keep baby’s (and your) temperature comfortably regulated.

The following are some factors to keep in mind when browsing options. We have also created collections to correspond with these comfort features.

Adult Support

Carriers: If back support is your top priority, an ergonomic carrier like those by Ergobaby, LÍLLÉbaby or Baby Bjorn’s Move or Carrier One would be the way to go. Choose a carrier that features padded shoulder straps, the ability to criss-cross the straps, a wide and sturdy waistbelt, and lumbar support for ultimate support and comfort.


Wraps & ring slings: If choosing between a wrap and ring sling, note that a wrap (pictured) gives superior back support, due to its ability to be worn with crossed straps on the back, which provide for an even weight distribution.

Due to its asymmetrical design, a ring sling will not provide as much support for the wearer as a wrap or carrier, but you can ease the load of your little one by evenly spreading out the material across your back and alternating which shoulder you have the sling on.

Baby Support

  • Correct baby positioning is essential with any type of babywearing, for both baby and parent to be best supported. Ensure a safe and comfortable pouch is created for baby’s bottom to sit in the M-Shape position and make sure the material/carrier is fitted firmly to secure baby appropriately (see our Babywearing Safety Guidelines and view the video demonstrations on our product pages).
  • If looking to buy a newborn to toddler carrier, the top features to look for are good, adaptable head support and a customisable seat panel that can be narrow enough to support a small baby and wide enough to support a toddler, from knee to knee. Ergobaby’s Omni range or LÍLLÉbaby’s SERENITY carriers offer the best longevity.


All Seasons - Temperature Control Panel - Lillebaby NZ - Belly Beyond

Carriers: If you are after a carrier that will comfortably see you through different seasons, look for one with a temperature control panel (a staple feature of LÍLLÉbaby’s COMPLETE All Seasons carriers, pictured). There are also styles that come in mesh or lightweight material, designed to support cool air circulation in warm temperatures.  

Ring slings & wraps: Ideal for summer, a ring sing only has one piece of fabric around your body and your baby’s. This is an advantage over baby wraps if you want to keep cooler in the heat, but there are also light and airy wrap options too like the Evolution wrap.

Fabric Comfort

Whether cosy comfort or luxurious breathability is a top priority for you, our wrap and carrier brands offer many great fabric options to suit all preferences, shown in the tables below.

When it comes to fabric comfort, you may also want to look out for soft padding and padded leg openings for baby, if shopping for carriers.

Serenity Carrier - LILLEbaby - Belly Beyond NZ

LÍLLÉbaby’s SERENITY All Seasons has a beautifully soft mesh material that is new and improved from the other LÍLLÉbaby styles. Mesh carriers by Baby Bjorn and Ergobaby are also designed to be soft and comfortable on baby’s skin.

Fabrics / Materials in the MOBY wrap, ring sling, and hybrid carrier products at Belly Beyond.

Product pages: Classic Wrap, Bump & Beyond T-shirt Wrap, Easy Wrap (hybrid), Flex Wrap, Ring Sling, Evolution Wrap, Cloud Hybrid

Fabrics / Materials in the Ergobaby Carriers on Belly Beyond.

Product pages: Omni 360 (Cotton), Omni 360 (Cool Air Mesh), Ergo Embrace, Hip Seat Carrier (Cool Air Mesh), Omni Breeze

Fabrics / Materials of the BabyBjorn carriers on Belly Beyond.

Product pages: Baby Carrier Mini (3D Jersey & 3D Mesh), Baby Carrier Move, Baby Carrier One (Air & Cotton)

Fabric / Material for the LILLEbaby Carriers on Belly Beyond.

Product pages: COMPLETE Original, COMPLETE Airflow, SERENITY Airflow, PURSUIT Pro, COMPLETE All Seasons, PURSUIT All Seasons, SERENITY All Seasons

Design Comfort

LILLEbaby Serenity All Seasons Stone

Another comfort factor to consider is how the carrier, wrap or ring sling is designed to sit behind your back, especially when you lean back when seated.

For most wrap wearers, there is enough fabric length to tie the wrap up at the front. For wearers with bigger proportions, the wrap may need to be tied with a knot at the back (which may be less comfortable when sitting down).
Moby Wrap
With a ring sling, you will have the wide panels of the sling spread out evenly across your back. Some of the hybrids have buckles, metal rings, or knotted material, and carriers are typically bulkier, but the straps and waist belts are often generously padded for your comfort.
Moby Ring Sling and Wrap - Belly Beyond

Customisation, Fit & Longevity

If you want to enjoy a good fit and get lots of wear from your babywearing carrier/wrap, you will want to look at the age range and customisation features of the different products you check out.

This could include:

  • How it can fit to you, the wearer, in terms of size.
  • How the fit can be adjusted easily between different wearers.
  • How it can be worn different ways, for example with the straps criss-crossed for optimal even weight distribution.
  • How many kgs the maximum weight is and how long the recommended age range is.
  • How wide the seat panel can go, and whether there is the option for incremental adjustments as baby grows. 

As stated earlier in the baby support section, with carriers, a customisable seat panel that supports baby from knee to knee as they grow is key for their comfort but also in extending the longevity of the carrier. Ergobaby’s Omni range or LÍLLÉbaby’s SERENITY carriers offer the best longevity with their multi-position waist belts that have three settings, rather than two. 

Easy Practical Use & Care

If you’re someone who likes carefree living, then you’ll want to look for a babywearing product that is easy to learn how to use, easy to put on and take off, easy to clean, easy to breastfeed in, and easy to take with you. See below for our recommendations on the levels of ease you may be likely to experience with a typical wrap, carrier, or ring sling.

Ease of use - babywearing - baby carriers

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