Swaddle Up™ Original 1.0 TOG - Dusty Blue
Swaddle Up™ Original 1.0 TOG - Dusty Blue
Swaddle Up™ Original 1.0 TOG - Dusty Blue
Swaddle Up™ Original 1.0 TOG - Dusty Blue

Swaddle Up™ Original 1.0 TOG - Dusty Blue

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Discover the modern twist on swaddling that has led a ‘sleep revolution’ for infants & parents.

The multi-award winning Swaddle Up™ is the only zip-up swaddle with patented 'wings' that allows your baby to sleep in a more natural Arms Up™ position for true Self-Soothing™. 


  • 1.0 TOG fabric – perfect for moderate climates, all seasons
  • Ideal for room temperatures between 20°C and 24°C
  • Unique, patented 'wings' allow a more natural Arms Up™ sleeping position
  • Arms Up™ allows true Self-Soothing™ = more sleep
  • Snug swaddle fit makes your baby feel secure & helps to calm their natural startle reflex
  • Swaddle in seconds, with no breakouts
  • Single layer of fabric to reduce risk of overheating
  • Certified ‘hip-healthy’ design allows the recommended flexion for hips & legs
  • Twin zipper for easy nappy changes
  • Safer alternative to loose blankets in the cot
  • Dusty Blue colour
  • Fabric content: 93% Cotton, 7% Elastane

    Sizing & Temperature Information: 

    • Available in 3 sizes: Newborn (2.2–3.8kgs), Small (3.5–6kgs) & Medium (6–8.5kgs). 
    • See our TOG & Temperature Guide page for Love to Dream's recommendation of how to layer up under your baby’s swaddle according to their room temperature.

    Care & Safety:

      Why Swaddle Up™?

      Babies often use their hands to settle themselves to sleep, either by sucking on their fingers or gently rubbing their cheeks. Medical research has shown that these self-soothing instincts can result in better sleep, for longer.

      Unlike traditional swaddles, the design of Love to Dream's Swaddle Up™ supports the natural sleep position of babies who like to have their Arms Up™ – enabling true Self-Soothing™, while still calming the startle reflex with the garment's snug, swaddle fit.

      The Swaddle Up™ requires no complicated wrapping, so everyone can swaddle right, every time. The twin zipper also makes nappy changing a breeze, with easy accessibility and no need to un-swaddle your baby's upper body. 

      When breastfeeding, un-swaddling baby's arms by unzipping just from the top is recommended; this allows baby to freely use their hands to get the best feeding position. Burp baby after the feed and then zip up again to swaddle back to sleep!

      Need more sleep? Swaddle Up!

      All Love To Dream™ Products are INPAA Approved. INPAA is a privately owned and operated organisation, and is the key representative body in the Australian nursery industry. Its primary objective is to lead the development of safer nursery products and to promote the safe consumer use of products.

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